Introducing programming to kids

Our digital society is surrounded 24/7 with computers, so we believe like many others that it is quite important to integrate programming lessons into primary schools. Children get explained the world around them, but with computers they only get instructions how to press the on button and how to create a word document. Why not show them how they can do their own little applications or games for there daily live? There are a lot of ideas out there how this could be realized, but it seems like, that no one really tried to develop the concept together with teachers and kids. How do children learn ? How could it be integrated into the school?

In our concept we made an attempt to create a metaphor of an integrated development environment on a very basic level.
We ended up with a construction kit that consists out of predefined blocks (functions) which can be arranged and modified in an object oriented manner. It is possible to use variables, statements , loops and even to create your own methods. Apart from the programming context we created functions like the pen-block or sensor-blocks to emphasize children on the topic of programming and the possibilities how to use computers in different ways.
On the technical side we used fiducial maker on the programming blocks to assign the functions to the different blocks. A WiFi webcam in our box captures the fiducial marker and transfers the information to the tablet.

project partner: Enis Terzioglu , Fabian Fischer
hardware/ software used: objective c, openframeworks, reactivision, Wifi Webcam
  • Alfred
    Semester 6
  • Medibag
    Bachelor Thesis
  • Banking Box
    Semester 4
  • Book Box
    Semester 3
  • Mechatronic
    Semester 4
  • Feel the Boid
    Semester 2
  • Rie
    Semester 3
  • Lyrebird
    Semester 3