Invention Design

A lot of people do not use online banking, because they don’t trust the current tools and devices if it comes to their money. With this project we made an effort to give the user a safer feeling with the help of a tool which keeps the important data on their desk and not on a server.

We tried to use a metaphor out of the real life which stands for safety and we attempted to transfer it to the virtual world of online banking. In our case a actual key in combination with a lock takes the part of the analog security in the digital transfer process. Our concept gives the user feedback on the hardware and software side what creates more confidence into the device.
We put all of our ideas into functional prototypes to test them in small usability tests, Arduino served us a great platform for these small prototypes. These tests helped us to recognize problems which we haven´t thought about before. We used our insights to improve our concept in a process of iteration.
As conclusion we can say that it is hard to find enough arguments to justify such a device in times of smartphones and SMS-TAN, but if we consider that the task setting was focused on hardware-prototyping, we improved our prototyping skills allot and learned important things about the design-process.

project partner: Fabian Fischer
hardware/ software used: Arduino, Processing, Espresso, Mamp
  • Alfred
    Semester 6
  • Medibag
    Bachelor Thesis
  • Banking Box
    Semester 4
  • Book Box
    Semester 3
  • Mechatronic
    Semester 4
  • Feel the Boid
    Semester 2
  • Rie
    Semester 3
  • Lyrebird
    Semester 3