Book Box

Application Design

In this subject we started with an exercise where we had to redesign a collaborative or recipient software. After some research we decided to use the Adobe Digital Editions as our software to redesign. It is a program to read epub and PDF books on the computer.

We started to use and analyze the software and built up the information architecture, so we could understand the structure of the program. After finishing the analysis we started to work on a new concept for the software, at this point we also decided to transfer the software to a tablet computer, because we thought a tablet is a much better device for reading. Because there is no mobile version of Adobe Digital Editions we started to transfer only parts of the revised information architecture and create our own for the rest of the new mobile application.
Based on user’s needs and content requirements we noted that the most important part of a digital library is the sorting of data, so we decided to focus on this topic. In the design phase we developed a drop down menu to sort the books only by touching and not by typing the name of data like usual, because in our opinion typing on a tablet computer is not so mellow and convenient yet.

project partner: Sven Stumm
software used: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects
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